How to Mandrake:

            Simple Ceremonies you can do at home

1) Put under the bed when you go to sleep to cure sickness. In the morning the doll will have absorbedyour illness. Destroy to banish the malady.
2) Glue onto some small object and call it a good-luck charm. Carry that object to promote good luck.
3) Pierce him whilst cursing your enemies and they will surely fall.
4) Burn him to give absolution to yourself or another whilst praying forgiveness.
5) Tie with string to bind a lover to you.
6) Rub him with pepper or garlic and keep in your breast pocket to protect you and ward off evil.
7) Bury him under a tree with cinnamon for aid in financial matters.
8) Cast him in the ocean with rose to attract new love.
9) Tear him apart to shatter an unwanted union.
10) Laminate him to a piece of stiff board, prop him up, and command him to go out to work your will.